Free Verse Hippie Poetry…Questions

Hey Peace Seekers!

Maybe it’s the hurricane winds and moody weather but I’ve spent the day restless. More restless than usual as of late. So I did the only thing I could after Ashtanga practice this morning…I started messing with the placement of two tables and now I”m one table down making more room and have a more permanent home for my sewing machine which I mean to use soon to make boho hippie Christmas ornaments to sell.

I’ve just returned from outside. Sky and I took an afternoon stroll in the hurricane winds. When we got back I did a little spray paint art out in the wind and it’s entirely possible I’m wearing as much as hit my surface!

It’s all good.

Today’s free verse…

I have no idea, so let’s see what comes out…

Am I holding on to yesterday too tight 

making it unable to see all the possibilities right

in front of me?

Like a flower in front of the bee?


Cracking the door,

Am I looking too far into the future

to nurture

the moment I’m living in?

Do I need to begin again?

Start over or pick up where I left off somewhere


into the distance of what was, is and will be


all there is to see

for me

and you

in the clear blue,

are the answers

if we only knew

the questions…

And that seems to be that. I think I dig it though.

I hope you’re doing great and are safe and sound from all this wind and rain and stuff. I think Flo is telling us all to just kiss her grits!

Meet me back here tomorrow…see if I’ve rearranged anything else and yeah, I probably will have! I’have a lot of nervous energy just like my dogs I think. They didn’t even swim long today before they were ready to be in the studio with me!

Ok, bye for now!!



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