Ashtanga and Stuff

My Ashtanga week is almost over Peace Seekers.

If you practice Ashtanga you know that Saturdays are a rest days and that means no Ashtanga but I still practice yoga though. I like to practice Jivamukti or Atmananda or a vinyasa flow as I do for sunset practice because no way am I practicing two hours of Ashtanga twice a day. I love yoga but that’s too extreme for me.

I didn’t take that nap yesterday. I got busy on the 8 foot panel I’m painting for a store front. It’s making me want to get back into painting room dividers like I did when I showed in the gallery in Beaufort, NC. I have some ideas…

For now they will be shelved though. I want to and need to concentrate on getting these panels done and sprayed with clear and I  need to put a few finishing touches on the runner commission and I still have the seasons commission that I’m looking forward to painting and I have the super cool Stevie Nicks inspired boho dreamcatcher to start weaving. And I want to get The Zen Pen Peace Project and my Yoga Newspaper back up and running.

Today I need to go out for green tea and bread. I hope there is some left with Hurricane Florence heading this way people are a little panicked. I’m just thankful it’s not freezing cold outside. Wish me luck in my search!

Meet me back here tomorrow if you can!



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