ashtanga and free verse and muchness


good morning peace seekers.

two hours of sunrise ashtanga practice leaves you feeling, in a word, blissful. a few extra words…flexible, happy, glowing, sweaty, peaceful, dreamy. not to mention thirsty! already drank one liter of water!

it’s friday, that means free verse hippie poetry. so let’s see what comes out…

she stepped out of the mundane and into the mist

pulling back thick tree limbs like a stage curtain.

tentatively stepping one barefoot in followed by the other,

the forest closed behind her as the lights came up in a twinkling of fireflies.

the light of a big full blue moon cast an indigo glow and lanterns hanging from limbs of skyscraper sunflowers lit the pathway.

a cricket dressed in top hat and tails showed her to her seat, passing by pearlescent rabbit reading the a paper. 

she settled herself on a spotted mushroom in the middle of the garden of wildflowers and whimsy, near  a hookah smoking caterpillar and a meditating cat in a tall hat. 

tea was set with china cups and  gingersnap cookies on linen napkins, candles lit everywhere.

she spotted a swing hanging from a low branch and couldn’t resist the urge to swing. 

she soared so high the birds applauded and lady bugs swirled around and around in glee.

tap tap tap… the cricket gathered everyone’s attention as the night symphony began lead by a preying mantis.

magic music that lulled you into a state of possibility and bliss.

lost in the moment, the music, the magic and in a game of chess with live pieces on a expansive board, she was startled by the ding dong ding of the grandfather clock built into one of the giant trees.

suddenly the lights dimmed and she was ushered to a door that wasn’t there before by the cricket.

he kissed her hand and turned the lock cracking the door open slightly letting a gentle light be cast onto the other side.

reluctantly, she bowed and left with hopes of being invited back again soon.  

i don’t know if it’s free verse or short story, but i dig it. i want to paint it actually!!

i don’t want to break the spell this seems to have cast on the moment so i’m gonna bounce.

have a beautiful day and meet me back here tomorrow if you can.



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