sharing some positive energy


good morning peace seekers!

i feel a great need to release some positive energy out into the universe this morning having just encountered a very toxic anger ridden human online. i choose peace over retaliation and i choose to not let a negative actions from another to steal my peace and i chose not to fire all barrels back at them but to show peace and compassion…it didn’t work…so now i just walk away metaphorically speaking. life’s too beautiful to let someone shroud it.

so here’s some positive energy…..

  • fireflies
  • art
  • coffee
  • holding hands
  • yoga
  • kittens
  • bread fresh from the oven
  • laughter, out loud and from deep in the belly
  • river rocks
  • tadpoles
  • pecans
  • groot
  • dogs
  • rainy days
  • sunny days
  •  starry skies
  • board games
  • riding with the windows down and the music up
  • sea spray

okay, i’m gonna bounce so have a beautiful day and if you encounter a toxic human don’t let them steal your peace!

meet me back here for some free verse hippie poetry 😀



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