ashtanga,ayurveda,and art


peace seekers!!

i’m so excited to tell you i’m discovering ayurveda! it is so interesting!! i’m relatively sure i’m a vata. the three types are vata, pitta and kapha.

i found some great information here:

and on YouTube too:

today i’ll be picking up some library books on the subject and one on ashtanga too.

i’m stoked!!

i’m so digging my ashtanga practice so much more this time around!! john scott is an awesome teacher!!! last week i could not do the supine roll up to balance holding big toes in one roll and today i did!! hurray! ego shouldn’t be involved i know but still i”m proud! it’s an accomplishment from hard work!

but now i need coffee! and i have art to make and peace to share and life to live and so do you, gosh, you’re probably way busier than me! i hope your coffee or tea is tasty and your day beautiful. stop by again tomorrow for quotes!! who’s i don’t know yet, but someone’s words of wisdom.



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