ashtanga, bullet list, new week


good monday morning peace seekers.

i need some new recipes. i’m going to the market this evening or tomorrow and i want to be prepared for some new tasty meals for my little family. i guess i’ll get out my book of foods i’ve made in the past and see what looks good to me again.

i finally purged the other pantry, i still have a lot of purging for the living room and stuff in the pantries that i didn’t know what to do with but it shouldn’t be hard to deal with when sparky is home from dialysis one day this week. i just need to run some items past him before i box them to go. i think he has a harder time letting go of things than  i do.

yesterday began a brand new week of ashtanga for me. no ashtanga on saturdays or full moons or new moons. i’m practicing with john scott at purple valley ashtanga on youtube and loving every single breath of it, every asana, every jump through, every forward bend…everything!!! it’s a two hour blissful practice that leaves me feeling hot and sweaty and motivated for more ashtanga!!!

this week…

  • libraries
  • errands
  • store commission
  • runner commission
  • series of sketches for sue’s commission
  • the surprise zodiac birthday commission that i’m struggling to grasp a concept for she likes and all i want to do with my art is create peace and happiness so it’s important for a client to love it!
  • i get to make a great stevie nicks inspired boho dream catcher too!! i’m stoked!!

okay friends, sparky has dialysis today and my laundry is probably dry and i need to catch up my art blog  too and make breakfast and get to work! so have a beautiful day and maybe you can stop by again tomorrow?



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