random thoughts


august is officially over peace seekers. onto september. let’s make it good.

i ask you, do you ever want to just run away? to no place in particular, just…somewhere, anywhere but here? i bet a lot of us do.

let’s play with this thought for a minute. what would we want to do if we could just run away? what if i ran away and ended up back at the beach, what would i then do differently? what would you do?

would you dress the same way? would eat the same old meals? would you think the same old thoughts? would you keep the same old habits? or would your entire lifestyle change?

if it would change, then how so, in what ways? what would you wear? what would you eat? how would you look at life?

just some thoughts floating around in my head today.

hope september is filled with so many great memories and opportunities and moments it lasts for always.

i’ll be here tomorrow, can you stop by?



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