free verse hippie poetry…not so different


hey peace seekers,

i hear words forming already into my hippie head so here we go with some free verse, let’s see what spills out…

i slid my feet tentatively into the cool clear water

where a small fish brushed against my foot 

and i understood

how it feels to be a small fish in a big pond 

i knew we had a bond.

i looked across the grass to see a deer standing there looking at me

in her eyes i could see 


and wished us both well.

i came upon a turtle with somewhere to go

he seemed determined and mindful and seemed to know

life’s not a race but a balancing act

keeping your murals and peace in tact

i took a life lesson with me that day

feeling a little like the stray

with no where to belong but to each other

we’re all really just sisters and brothers


we’re not so different the animals and me

we all have hearts with which we should see

the beginning of everything and endless


i think i like it.

i hope your day is beautiful and i hope you can stop by again tomorrow!



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