ashtanga and art…getting it done


good morning peace seekers!

i just practiced the longest ashtanga yoga practice of my life. it was two hours of hot sweaty deep stretching goodness and i will do it again. it’s not often i have two whole hours to practice usually i only practice for 70 or 80 minutes but this morning i took advantage of the time instead of time taking advantage of me!

here was yesterday’s bullet list, let’s see how i did….

  • clean bathroom
  • carry out garbage
  •  wash this long hair
  • sunrise ashtanga yoga
  • evening vinyasa flow yoga
  • usual…cooking and dishes and stuff
  • work on zodiac signs for new commission
  • work on meditation tree sketch for commission
  • work on runner commission (prep border for fringe)
  • prep boards for tami’s storefront
  • cut cloth for a new scarf I want to make for my friend in hawaii
  • post on instagram
  • let the dogs swim as i do everyday twice a day now (they have me trained)

hey that’s not too bad!

today’s bullet list:

  • tree sketch series commission (this one i will do first)
  • zodiac commission
  • begin painting store front boards for commission
  • pick out colors for fringe for the runner commission
  • i think we’re going to lowe’s 
  • may try to make extra room in my studio but i doubt it
  • usual stuff…cooking, dishes, etc
  • laundry
  • let the canine companions swim
  • help clean the pool
  • evening yoga
  • candycrush while watching tv with the family
  • blissful sleep 

i hope your bullet list includes something artsy and fun and blissful and i hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow for my free verse hippie poetry 😀



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