ashtanga, a scarf and running running running


good morning peace seekers!

ashtanga has just been practiced and it was 90 minutes of bliss. i am so happy to be practicing ashtanga again.

today, today will be another busy day:

  • buy rainy and michael a sink since wayne messed up a cut on the counter top and not they need a bigger one
  • market for a few items
  • lowes for boards for client work store front art
  • sketches for two clients
  • use the intuos for initial sketches
  • do sky’s laundry from accumulated from his camping trip
  • i need to see if there are any more muscadines to pick


  • i made cabbage and pintos that i soaked the night before and stewed potatoes and homemade bread! a tasty country meal it was!  
  • i finished rainy’s scarf and it is so pretty!! i can’t wait to start another one. i want to make one for  my friend in hawaii next. 
  • i also need to work on the yoga deck i started a long long long time ago!
  • and i want to put out a new issue of the zen pen too!

so much i want to do but sadly i’ll be running a lot today…

i hope your day is full of good things and i hope you can stop by again tomorrow!





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