ashtanga, choices and today…


good sunday morning peace seekers!

fresh off the yoga mat and i feel blissful after ashtanga this morning!! a new week of ashtanga has begun today. no ashtanga on saturday. on saturday sunrise practice it’s atmananda for me and a vinyasa flow in the evening.

so you can see i’m still digging the no caps thing. i just really like the way it looks. don’t know why but i do so i’m gonna ride this wave until it shifts. pretty much like how i’m doing most everything these days. and truly it seems to be working for me.

i’m getting more commissions and getting more done too. well, yesterday not so much art but a lot of life. we went exploring places we’ve never been and revisited some places we have been.

today, i like mentioned yesterday is one of  the last sundays we will have this late summer season, how are you going to be spend it?

  • worrying or trusting?
  • speaking positive or negative words?
  • practicing yoga, going for walk, meditating…you know the self care stuff we need but often deny ourselves, will there be time found for you just you?
  • will you today be living life out loud and free or let fear, indecision and regret hold you down?
  • will you be listening to good music, something that means something to you or just the same old bad news on tv?
  • will you spend time manifesting a beautiful future or making do with whatever?

gosh, the bullet list sounds harsh, but it’s like this folks, we have a choice in almost every situation, even those situations brought to us by outside sources. we can choose whether or not to allow our peace to be stolen away, we can choose if to react with anger or understanding or a simple shaking the head with a good grief what the hell is wrong with this idiot thought and just walk away from the situation for a while.

we can choose what’s best for us even if best is only for now, the best thing we can do for our peace right now is….

then do that.

positive can overcome negative.

i’m with you manifesting the best possible outcomes all the time! we can do this! let’s do this!

meet me back here tomorrow if you can and i  hope you can!



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