ashtanga yoga on a country morning writing free verse hippie poetry


hello and good chilly country morning peace seekers!

i think i’m through with caps. this is pleasing for me. i like the way it looks. i hope it doesn’t bother you that there’s no caps and i may tire of it later but for now, i’m digging it.

so, today i have:

  • fed furry friends
  • cleaned the liter box
  • showered
  • practiced ashtanga for 90 minutes
  • started a loaf of homemade bread
  • harvested tomatoes, eggplant and peppers
  • picked muscadines
  • made biscuits for Sparky’s breakfast
  • put bread on second rise
  • made breakfast
  • ate
  • dishes
  • vacuumed
  • carried out the garbage
  • wiped down the bathroom
  • put bread in the oven, it’s baking now

today i will:

  • slice my fresh bread 
  • work on the runner commission
  • eat lunch all by myself since Sky is on a camping trip
  • discuss a commission with a new client
  • finish yoga mat art
  • practice evening yoga
  • breathe
  • make dinner
  • do dishes
  • play candycrush and watch a movie and maybe eat popcorn

it’s friday so that means free verse! let’s see what pops up…

sitting here once again

almost back to the place where i once began

wondering why and about this and that 

silly things like where’s my favorite hat and the cat that likes to nap

in open windows

head close

to falling out

but without a doubt


so don’t 

fret about it;


what doesn’t make you happy


that may sound

my thoughts are like a lost and found

spinning round and round

where they stop nobody knows

and some would fear to go

anywhere near my brain


the negativity 

open receptivity

to all things good

and live life like you should

serious or silly let it be

it’s all good as long as it is free.

well, there it is lol. it may not make sense but i never claimed to be normal lol.

i hope your day is beautiful and i hope you can stop by again tomorrow!



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