Ashtanga and Coffee and Art


Hey Peace Seekers!

Just off the yoga mat and feeling great! I love yoga and I’m so happy to be practicing Ashtanga again!

I practice Ashtanga full primary in the morning and vinyasa in the evening. I am finding that there’s something about long hip opening classes that just doesn’t agree with me. I always feel really tired and hungry all day long the day after the practice.

I know the hips store all the emotional baggage we carry so it may be related to all that stuff because God knows there’s a lot of stuff happening, maybe I’ll hold off on long hip opening classes until life is going smoother. Who knows?

Yesterday I did accomplish a lot off my art commission bullet list! The list was carried over from Tuesday when I had a coffee maker debacle.

When I went to the kitchen for coffee I discovered it hadn’t made my pot that the timer was set for so I unplugged it and reset it and still no coffee. I HAD NO COFFEE. I had saved a cup from the night before so I had that with breakfast straight after which I headed out for a new maker.

I saw mine, Mr. Coffee who had just deserted me when I needed him the most, so I thought I would save a few bucks and buy a Black & Decker coffee maker since I still need to buy boards for a store commission…I need two 6 foot long boards.

Anyway, I brought it home cleaned it, ran water through it, let it cool down and made a pot of coffee. I prepared it the exact same way as I usually do and it tasted terrible!! I did the unthinkable, I dumped out a pot of Hazelnut coffee!! The whole pot! I almost cried.

By this time it was time to make lunch which I did and cleaned up and made another pot of coffee after cleaning it again. It tasted TERRIBLE!! Rainy thought so too.

So I did the only thing I could, I dumped another pot of coffee, liquid gold!! and packed up Black & Decker and Rainy and I took it back. The customer service lady asked me what was wrong with it and I told her flat out, the coffee sucks and it is way way way TOO SLOW!!

I got my money back and went back to Mr. Coffee even though he’s broke up with me twice. I didn’t get the exact one I had. I paid 5.00 more than I did for B&D and 5.00 less than the one I had had so I feel like I kinda broke even, although I did loose two pots of the nectar that sustains me.

My new Mr. Coffee works and tastes great!! So I’m happy and needing to visit with him now so I’m gonna bounce!

Have a beautiful day and meet me back here tomorrow for some free verse 😀



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