Ashtanga, Zines and Stuff


Hey Peace Seekers!!

I have resumed my Ashtanga practice. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed it.

It stormed all night and I loved it.

This morning I made bread and the house smells so good.

Bullet List for Today and All Week:

  • I’m going to burn my Money Attracting incense all day long as
  • I work on the Memories on Runner commission. I am so looking forward to working on it today and I
  • want to begin a new scarf and
  • work on the yoga mat since it’s almost done.
  • I need to get the new batch of pins ready for the consignment shop just in case
  • and begin a new long overdue issue of The Zen Pen because I really miss it too. 
  • I suddenly just got the jones to work on a new dream catcher too! 
  • I’ve got to go tomorrow to get the 6 foot boards for the store commission and maybe swing by the warehouse ( I met a man yesterday at the flea market who said he would hook me up with a good deal on some bottles for an upcoming venture.)

So that’s my this week”s artsy list. We’ll see just how much I get done.

I’ll be posting in a bit on my art blog if you want to pop in there too…follow the breadcrumbs….Peace Love Art

I hope your week is great and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow!!



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