Life and Magnets


Second day of the week Peace Seekers and so far I drew 16 images that I will paint and turn magically, into magnets, ok not magically but they will become magnets. DSCN5790

If you are digging my magnets you can see more of them on my art blog, my art these are from the weekend, haven’t finished the ones from yesterday yet.

Today we have ton of life stuff to go do so it will be a short art day I think. And Thursday we have his kidney appointments all day long so it will be a short art work week actually. And I had big plans for completing commissions but I guess not this week. And next week is just as busy!! That’s life. Right?

I guess I’d better go get on some stuff right now so maybe I can get some art in!! I can do it!! I’ve already done laundry and cleaned the bathroom and practiced 75 mins of yoga and the coffee is ready and I’m almost hungry.

See you tomorrow!! I hope!



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