A Different Bullet List


Namaste Peace Seekers.

Monday.  A new week. A new bullet list. A new opening to opportunities.

What will the week entail?

How about this for a bullet list?

  •  How many times will we laugh or cry?
  • How many meals will we eat with out families around the table?
  • How many loads of laundry will we do?
  • How many curse words will we use?
  • How many affirmations will we say?
  • How much time will we give to exercise?
  • How much time will be given to self-care?
  • How much time will we meditate?
  • How much tv will we watch?
  • How much good music will we listen to?
  • How mindful will we stay?
  • How many texts will we send?
  • How much time will we spend on Facebook?
  • How many tweets will we tweet?
  • How many Instagram posts?
  • How many calls will we make?
  • How many people will we cut off in traffic from messing with our cell phones?
  • How many selfies will we take?
  • How many close calls will we have that we don’t even know about?
  • How much time will we spend connecting to Mama Nature?
  • How much outdoor time will we get?
  • How much time will we spend with the furry friends who love us to the moon and back?
  • How many times will we hug our kids?
  • How much peace will we send out?
  • How many strangers will we smile at?

I’m going to try to stay connected to myself day by day to see to this list. I’m just curious.

Later, I’ll be over at the art blog posting some pictures of the magnets I’m making so if you want to take a look hop over there this afternoon 😀 Magnets! If not that’s cool, I hope you’ll meet this old  hippie back here tomorrow!!

enjoy your brand new week!!



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