Not Accomplishing Much…


Hey Peace Seekers!!

The week is almost over. How’s your bullet list looking?

Here’s mine from my art blog on Monday: what I’ve worked on is in blue

  • I have a fabulous commission for 36 magnets of my art!!
  • I’m still working on the runner commission but now I have purchased some supplies I needed I can really get down to it. Metallic paint pen exploded, can’t work on runner until it’s replaced (today)
  • I need to make more one of kind pins for consignment
  • and…
  • I need to go in search of materials for another big commission big as in (2) 6feet tall and 36inches wide paintings on board or acrylic or plexi or something…must go out to research best options
  • Make those magnets
  • draw the sketches for Sue and Tami
  • I have a new painting to work on when there’s time
  • and the yoga mat art too
  • I need to put out a new zine and
  • circulate some free verse out there
  • and
  • breathing!! breathing is always important

I’m not accomplishing much fast but in my defense we were in meetings all day long Tuesday and Wednesday I did phase one of the bedroom closet purge of my clothes and passed a lot on to Rainy and my mom and Harmony too! Hope they dig the items.

Today I’m taking back the paint pen that exploded and grabbing another one hopefully with better results!!

I also need to pick up a few things:

  • strawberries
  • bananas
  • yeast
  • cooking spray
  • juice packets
  • french fries
  • veggie chips
  • spinach
  • eggs
  • pinto beans
  • whip cream

Hopefully there will be time for art after lunch.

Last night I dreamed about the Partridge Family!!

Have a great day and try to stop by Friday for some verse hippie poetry.



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