Finding Peace, Bullet List


Good morning Peace Seekers.

Bullet List:

  • meditate
  • breathe
  • practice yoga
  • drink water
  • feed the mind on good thoughts

I want to begin with expressing how important it is to keep the mind focused. I think we have to condition our minds like we exercise our bodies. We try to stick to healthy lifestyles, exercising, meditating, eating organic foods, drinking plenty of water, etc..

But our minds roam free. We hear the talk all around us and absorb it. It gets into our subconscious and embeds preconceived notions  and spirals into a vortex of negativity.

Even folks who say they are protesting for this or that, I think, are lost. How can pro this or that be solved by negative actions like protesting? Peace is best taught by example.

Sometimes that means just walking away. That doesn’t make you a pacifist or uncaring it just shows others the path to peace is paved with peace not conformity or violence or gut reactions.

I don’t know if I’m saying this right.

Here’s the thing…in a world where there’s so much turmoil and so many people wanting to make a change but perhaps unaware of how to so they become The Offended. The Offended are offended by jokes, by misunderstandings, by things that have no bearing on anything  so they can be part of something greater. But greater is not about the big show, greater is the peace, the you be you, I’ll be me and that’s that.

We can delete, turn off, tune out, block negativity even when it lives with you which is sometimes harder, ok, really harder but that’s where focusing the mind is so important. Stay true to you, your dreams, your thoughts, your reactions, your intuition and laws of attraction.

When you are bombarded by this, that and the other go to your happy place inside yourself. Run through a mental gratitude list. I like to start with small things like…

  • I am so thankful and grateful I can watch the sunrise
  • I am so thankful and grateful for dragonflies
  • I am so thankful and grateful for trees
  • I am so thankful and grateful for sunshine and
  • kitty cat purrs and
  • warm puppy eyes filled with love and
  • apple pie with vanilla ice cream and
  • mushrooms growing in the yard like fairy townhouses and
  • bird’s  nest and
  • bare-feet and
  • river rocks

The more little things I find I am grateful for the deeper it goes and the easier it flows and I can find that shred of peace again.

I just wanted to share this with you Peace Seekers in case anyone needs it, like me.

Have a beautiful day

namaste&peacepeacepeacePlant Peace Grow Love


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