Off and Running

Hey Peace Seekers!

I hope Monday is going smoothly for you. My morning has flew!



Impromptu trip to tag office for plate for the Kia we found on Craig’s list

late breakfast

Sparky’s dialysis

art blog…Peace Love Art

here now



work on commissions, I got a new one for 36 art magnets!! I’m so excited!

Plus I need to make more art pins (one of kind) for consignment

sketches for two commissions

have  I mentioned how thankful and grateful I am for these commissions? I hope they just keep on coming!!!

I want to make a good dent in the runner commission today but I need to get the magnets going real quick

tomorrow we have to go to kidney meetings aka jump through hoops

I need to run by the library

and of course chill with some meditation time while the dogs swim

Yesterday was beautiful! We were all together chilling by the pool after the flea market in the morning. Yoga was awesome and food was tasty and family…I love my little family man.

I hope your week is wonderful and peaceful and full of fullfilling things!

Hey, if you want to hop over to my art blog, link is above, to see some new stuff there or meet me back here tomorrow!!

big hugs!





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