Free Verse Hippie Poetry, The First Step


Take the first step,

tiptoe if you must

baby step and trust

or try a 

giant leap 

of faith

a date with fate?

Just move forward

without delay.

This is the tomorrow 

of what was yesterday.

Tomorrow and someday only put away

the future of what could stay


in limbo




to one side.


yourself to here and now

be like the cow

jump over the moon

grab your dish and silver spoon

before another moment is gone much too soon.

Another someday 


and still you don’t belong.

Move forward

for this is the day

in some little way;

the light of your instincts will pave the way

with breadcrumbs or gold

if truth be told

it’s all in your words and your mind 

the power to find

what’s been missing

sitting around wishing

for this or that

lazy like my fat cat

but without her zen

she doesn’t care where she’s been,

only where she is now and how 

to maintain



and releases

each moment into itself,

without doubts or worry to quelf

the life inside of herself. 

Be like the cat,

find your peace

and release 

what you no longer need

to heed 

the calling of your inner voice

make a choice 

and take that step

there’s life to be lived

it’s not over just yet

let go of old regrets and consider them to be only 

not yets and go go go

don’t be late for the YOU YOU YOU show! 

Well, there it is Peace Seekers today’s free verse off the top of my head. A little late because we had to run to the market before dialysis today since this evening we have a big errand to run which means all day long I will be running to stay on track…lunch a little early because evening yoga will have to be early since we won’t be home tonight in time for yoga and making dinner and …chores and…life…

I need coffee.

Try to stop by again tomorrow!




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