Wednesday’s Words Of Wisdom, Brought To You By Patañjali and Me


Namaste beautiful Peace Seekers.

I’ve been really busy already this morning and am in great need of a good chill out that is why today’s words of wisdom are by Patañjali.

Take a nice long inhale and exhale completely before reading…


Okay, here we go:

“For those who have an intense urge for Spirit and wisdom, it sits
near them, waiting.” DSCN4222

“Yoga is the cessation of the movements of the mind. Then there is abiding in the Seer’s own form.” DSCN5528

“It is only when the correct practice is followed for a long time, without interruptions and with a quality of positive attitude and eagerness, that it can succeed.” DSCN5516

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all of your thoughts break their bonds. Your mind transcends limitations; your consciousness expands in every direction; and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive and you discover yourself to be a greater person than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”IMG_0544

“With this truth bearing light will begin a new life. Old unwanted impressions are discarded and we are protected from the damaging effects of new experiences.” share

“Life cannot be known by the “mind,” its secrets cannot be learned through the “mind.” The proof is, the ceaseless strife and contradiction of opinion among those who trust in the mind. Much less can the “mind” know itself, the more so, because it is pervaded by the illusion that it truly knows, truly is.” DSCN2145

“Be happy for those who are happy, 
be compassionate toward those who are unhappy, 
be delighted for those who are virtuous, 
and be indifferent toward the wicked.” il_570xN.306817524

I feel calmer already. I hope you find some peace there too my friend. I’m not going to muddy this vibe up with a bullet list of to dos, instead I’m going to say in midst of our everyday life today let’s reach for and hold onto Peace finding moments that can be memories later.

Meet me back here tomorrow please 😀



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