Deep thoughts from the yoga mat


this morning Peace Seekers.

My wondering today…

I wonder, are more afraid of success or failure?

Failure at trying something we love and not succeed the first time or second time or hundredth time. Will probably cause us to feel maybe we don’t have the talent for it we thought we had. It may make us want to throw in the towel and give up when success could just be around the corner, the next submission, the next chance encounter…

Success, can cause a whole other issue though. If we’re successful then we’ll have money to make changes but we may find those changes scary even though for the better we would hesitate stuck in old routines, beliefs….If we had what we needed to make our lives better but it would mean getting up and out of the same old same old then….

So, again I ask, my Peace Seeking friends, are we more afraid of failure or success? Both fears will hold us back and if we want to move forward then we need to remember that.

I hope your day is great and fearless and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow.



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