Live Life, Do It Now! Somehow.


I think dear Peace-Seekers, that we may only go around once, I don’t have proof in reincarnation but I do believe in it but I don’t want to count on it you know?

I want to hope to get it right the first time. Right being personal for each one of us, right?

Living life out-loud and with as much freedom we can muster up in the midst of all our responsibilities as we should be on the top of our priority list. Taking care of me helps me take care of them, you know what I mean.

I don’t want to be selfish but I don’t want to be self-deprecating either.

If you want to roam free then roam my friend but roam with the ones you love or on a smaller scale maybe for a day or so…work it out if it means something to you, you must find a way. No delays.

  • Eat the ice cream! in moderation
  • dance on the coffee table maybe not the bar
  • paint for the fun of it
  • sing even off key
  • make music with anything
  • make memories on purpose find something
  • picnic in your own yard with left overs

Bullet List:

  • buy: spinach*strawberries*bananas*green tea*loaf bread*chips*hotdogs*buns*spray*flour*liter*sharpie*tp*d.wipes*cleaning spray*dusting spray*soap pads*light switch for bathroom*filter for shop vac*
  • paint
  • install grommets on tapestries
  • do study for third commission
  • list on Threadless

Have a beautiful day friend!! Meet me back here tomorrow for my free verse!!

namaste&peaceloveartā™¦Little Surfer Girl


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