What’s Your What If?

Hey Peace-Seekers.

I’m wondering this morning about those what ifs. 

I have more than a few what ifs but my what if this morning is about something I wish I had done a long long long time ago when I was young and dumb(er)…

What if I had gotten a hippie bus and hit the road? Just traveled from here to there across the country. Seeing everything. Eating fruits and veggies bought or bartered (trading art for food) from road side stands and farmer’s markets. Sleeping under the stars on summer nights. Meeting people and exploring cultures and living moment by moment really simply since I’d been living in a van mostly with my dog I would have had who would wear a red bandana sitting shot gun head out the window as we cruised down the highways, the backroads and dirt roads with music playing and hair flying wild and free.

I could have stopped by when I saw a apple or peach tree in a field and picked a few for later.

I could have practiced yoga among the Redwood Trees!! OMG!!! How awesome that would have been!! I would have hugged those trees so hard!!

I could have met the Navajo and maybe smoked a peace pipe. I could have learned about the art and life of New Mexico, maybe help weave something.

I could have collected a peace rock from every state that would be sitting in a wooden bowl also purchased during the excursion for the cost of a painting on the coffee table right now.

I could have wrote some hippie free verse sitting under a big old tree or on top of a mountain or by a beautiful stream or river. I could have filled journals about the people I met, the art I made in my traveling outdoor studio, the beauty of Mama Nature. I could have surfed the Pacific coast, hiked on the Oregon trail, rode a mule down the Grand Canyon, picked up sea glass on the New England coast, skipped stones on the country lakes. I could have built a snowman in Alaska!! Maybe even traveled into Canada giving my French a chance to be used.

But I didn’t and now I’m left with a what if…

Do you have a what if?

I guess my point is, if I have one, just try really hard from here on to live your life, the hopes and dreams need and should be acknowledged. They must mean something or you wouldn’t have them, right?

How about this? What if we took our what if and try it out even if only a small scale?

What if we did that?


I hope your day is beautiful and your what if achievable and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow.




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