Life, Art, Yoga, Goals


Last week I practiced yoga…


  • 6/11 Sunrise: 80 mins
  • 6/11 Sunset: 70 mins
  • 6/12 Sunrise: 75 mins
  • 6/12 Sunset: 70 mins
  • 6/13 Sunrise: 75 mins
  • 6/13 Sunset: 70 mins
  • 6/14 Sunrise: 70 mins
  • 6/14 Sunset: 60 mins
  • 6/15 Sunrise: 70 mins
  • 6/15 Sunset: 60 mins
  • 6/16 Sunrise: 80 mins
  • 6.16 Sunset: 60 mins
  • 6/17 Sunrise: 70 mins
  • 6/17 Sunset: 90 mins


Last week I:

painted the tapestry and drew on the tapestry and glittered and waxed the tapestry and now the tapestry is almost done!

I actually accomplished quite a bit plus we had a Kidney Transplant Class. If you want to check it all out it’s posted here:Peace Love Art

Yesterday we spent the day by our pool oasis. Cleaning it mostly lol. But at least it’s done and we were together and there was some non-cleaning pool time too and we had icee pops too so it was all good!


  • library
  • bank
  • market (need cashew milk)
  • Rainy’s taking Sparky out for lunch in honor of yesterday’s Father’s Day
  • usual chores
  • live life as fully as I can
  • get a clear vision of goals to manifest faster
  • find peace
  • breathe
  • practice yoga
  • eat tasty garden food
  • listen to good music…Van Morrison, Stevie Nicks, George Harrison…
  • paint tapestry

This Week:

  • paint
  • possibly begin house purge!


  • Sunrise: 70 mins

I had better bounce so we can get going with out today’s list. I hope you can stop by again tomorrow!!



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