Free Verse Hippie Poetry, Bullet List, Looking For Some Place To Sell My Art


Normally, Peace-Seekers I post right after yoga in the morning but this morning my routine played out a little different.


  • made bread
  • did laundry
  • picked delicious raspberries and squash and hot peppers which I chopped into my egg white this morning at breakfast

then I…

  • took Sparky’s beautiful digital camera outside to photo my art finally!!


  • here I am with you!!

I’m in search of a new venue in which to sell my art. Etsy isn’t working for me and I am serious about my art and using it to make a living and hopefully my free verse hippie poetry too. Which is today! And right now as a matter of fact as the words are piling up in my old hippie mind. So here we go, let’s see what comes out…


There is magic all around in the dusk of the day

time to stray away 

from the old and mundane

leaving behind the remains 

of the day

for a time to play 

in the indigo

the glow 

of fireflies and sunset skies

and lullabies 

sang by birds 

who often go unheard

in the rustle, the bustle 

of life

deaf and dumb to what just might

be the most important part

if we had only known from the start

but now we do

so we too

can remember


to strive for more peace


what we no longer need

letting it go, letting it be

what it is, is what it is

and this is it now

remember how

to live

to laugh

to love

lay on the ground and stare at the sky above

and breathe in the magic that is all around

when there’s no sound

just your own heartbeat

calm and bliss from head to barefeet…♥


I likey! Hope like crazy you do!

Hey, if you have any ideas for me to market my art feel free to share some insight!! I’m focusing on:

free verse with my own crazy illustrationsDSCN5502

tattoo designs

peace artDSCN5636

big tapestries

and probably I’ll still work on dreamcatchers tooDSCN4339

Today’s Bullet List:

  • sew button on Sparky’s shirt 
  • usual chores
  • laundry
  • pick berries/squash/cucumbers
  • make bread
  • make zucchini and squash chips 
  • photo art
  • list Independence Day Art in my etsy store Dawn Collins Art until I figure out what I’m gonna do
  • work on tapestry



  • *work on flags in progress
  • *succulent study
  • *tattoo design
  • practice yoga
  • find peace
  • stay positive 
  • live mindfully
  • be a good person
  • walk with Sky
  • drink coffee
  • eat tasty food
  • live out-loud


  • 6/11 Sunrise: 80 mins
  • 6/11 Sunset: 70 mins
  • 6/12 Sunrise: 75 mins
  • 6/12 Sunset: 70 mins
  • 6/13 Sunrise: 75 mins
  • 6/13 Sunset: 70 mins
  • 6/14 Sunrise: 70 mins
  • 6/14 Sunset: 60 mins
  • 6/15 Sunrise: 70 mins

Yesterday’s Bullet List (so I can see if there’s anything pressing I need to do):

  • usual chores
  • food
  • furry friends
  • make art!
  • *paint tapestry
  • *list new Independence Day Peace Flags
  • *work on flags in progress
  • *succulent study
  • *tattoo design
  • *finish up airbrushed tattoo design in progress 

I’ve gotta bounce if I’m gonna list that or those Independence Day Peace Flags in the etsy store before I make lunch:

Sparky and Sky:

  • fish sandwiches 
  • french fries
  • slaw


  • salad with potato wedges and bread (I think, but it may be an eggplant sandwich instead)

Meet me back here tomorrow if you can!! Hope you can!!



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