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Piper is back to needing her own yoga mat rolled out. I finally realized that this morning. I rolled out her mat and she actually stayed off mine! I captured the moment on Instagram YogaCat

I woke up this morning feeling jubilant! I had a great dream in which there were the words: best day ever!!  

So the day if off to a great start!.

Bullet Journal March 20. 2018:

  • usual chores
  • big chores (laundry is drying now)
  • make bread (baking now)


  • clean all the airbrush bottles
  • paint
  • paint
  • paint
  • the pins turned out great!! 
  • work on little zine for 52 Week Path To Peace Project (and I’m really behind on it)
  • work on a series of Finding Peace pieces
  •  hope there’s time for it all but we’ll see so wish me luck

This Week:

  • Wednesday: Kidney doctor…labs and TOPS
  • Thursday: Nutritionist appointment…FINALLY!! I’ve been trying to see one for a long time. Because of kidney disease Sparky’s diet has a lot of restrictions but they are really unclear so I’m looking forward to this appointment.
  • Friday: Heart doctor appointment
  • Molly vet appointment

Gonna Need Soon:

  • breads for Sparky and Sky
  • juice
  • salt
  • pepper
  • roast beef



  • 3-19 Sunrise Yoga: 80 mins
  • 3-19 Sunset Yoga: 70 mins
  • 3-20 Sunrise Yoga: 75 mins

Have a beautiful day Peace-Seekers and try to stop by tomorrow the beginning of the big rush of the rest of the week.

namaste ♥

peace love artScan 4




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