Bullet Journal List, Keeping It Simple, Music, Art, Yoga, Coffee, Bliss


You know those moments. Those quiet in the zone moments The moments when it’s just you and Van Morrison and Michael Franti and Bob Seger and art and peace. I’ve been immersed in one of those moments all afternoon. And it has been bliss. 

Today’s Bullet Journal List…

is simple…

  • breathe
  • live in the moment in peace
  • practice yoga
  • eat tasty food
  • make art
  • share some love
  • hug
  • laugh out-loud
  • listen to good music

I hope your to do list included some of these things too.

Tomorrow there will be a much longer list I am sure but for now, for today, for a few moments more it’s just music and art and coffee and yoga and peace.

Yoga Practice:

  • 3/12 Sunrise Yoga: 80 mins 
  • 3/12 Sunset Yoga: 70 mins
  • 3/13 Sunrise Yoga: 75 mins
  • 3/13 Sunset Yoga: 70 mins
  • 3/14 Sunrise Yoga: 70 mins
  • 3/14 Sunset Yoga: 70 mins
  • 3/15 Sunrise Yoga: 75 mins
  • 3/15 Sunset Yoga: 70 mins
  • 3/16 Sunrise Yoga: 75 mins
  • 3/16 Sunset Yoga: 70 mins
  • 3/17 Sunrise Yoga: 70 mins
  • 3/17 Sunset Yoga: 70 mins
  • 3/18 Sunrise Yoga: 75 mins

Namaste Peace Seekers I hope to find you back here tomorrow.

peace love artIMG_0544


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