Autumn Days and Random Life Stuff


My hot air pop corn popper shoots popcorn across the room when it gets down to the last few kernels. This may not seem strange but my toaster does the same thing. It shoots the toast up and out of the toaster. I catch it sometimes in mid air.

Piper DSC_0102will accept attention from LeoDSCN4964until she realizes I’m there and then she hisses and pops his face. I mean I have seen him clean her face. Go figure. The secret life of animals.

Sky will be leaving today for a camping trip. It’s going to be cold. He loves cold, my long haired hippie surfer type son, but I don’t know if he’s quite prepared for this.

Today is beautiful. It’s one of those fall days where the sun is warm and golden but the air is so chilly you need a jacket and socks and real shoes. I don’t care for shoes or socks but chenille socks make it easier.

I do love the autumn weather though and it is about time. It’s been hot so long. I am so ready for scarves!! Chunky scarves hand-knitted or crocheted. I love love love them. Hand-warmers too.

I like to sit outside on chilly days and just crochet or sketch.

one of my favorite spots

I hope your day is so beautiful and filled with autumn love and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow!

Much Peace Love ArtDSCN4339


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