Practicing Yoga, Talking Out A Burn, Friday the 13th and Leo, Rainy, Sky and Random Life Stuff


I combined a 50 minute yoga practice with a 45 minute yoga practice and together they were great.

Making breakfast this morning I burn my right hand, my painting/drawing/making art hand. The burn went across the inside grip as I was gripping the handle of a sauce pot that had been facing a burning on high heat, yeah, I know, dumb me. I’ve talked the burn out though and now there’s only one patch left and I expect it’ll be gone soon.

It’s cool. Finally. It’s rainy too. So, yay! A great day for coffee and art and yoga and twinkle lights and all things mystical and magical and wonderland inspired.

My cat has been trying to join me on my yoga mat every morning for a few days now. She use to chill/meditate on her own mat during yoga but quit and I stopped rolling out her mat. This morning though, when she started making herself comfy on mine I stopped, got out of down dog, found her mat and rolled it out and there she stayed long after yoga was done and it was already a long practice. She’s back on the mat and happy!

Leo freaked me out Friday the 13th night. He was completely on edge. He would continuously run to the back door to stand up and look out the window. He growled and gave warning barks. Eventually he chilled in the spot in the living room where he could monitor both the front and back doors but it was the back door that he was most concerned with.

Rainy is still in the process of moving her stuff into the home she’s sharing with her boyfriend, Michael. I’m really excited for her to decorate building her little nest. She said she’s realizing just how much she doesn’t know lol. But she’s doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom and learning to cook. Well, she’ll learn to cook when she gets a stove but at least they have a fridge, a microwave, her one cup coffee pot, and a toaster.

I could live on cereal and toast and salads.

Sky will leave for his camping trip tomorrow and with Rainy spending less and less time here Sparky and I will get a taste of an empty nest.

Probably a lot less laundry.

Okay, my friend, go, have a good day and try to stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4706


2 Comments Add yours

  1. river cottage creative says:

    I pray your hand is doing better 🙂

    1. dawn says:

      Thanks so much my friend. It was fine right away. Talking the burn out really works. Big hugs 😀

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