Saturday, Yard Sale Finds, Garden Finds, and Peace Finds Me


Much peace friends. I hope Saturday is being so good to you. I found clothes for a quarter today at a yard sale. I got a Blondie concert tee, a Breakfast at Tiffany’s  Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly tee, and three other tops. I also got a Jamaican Rummy Card Game .25, canvases for .10! A hair straightener for a 1.00. Holiday Fig lotion and body spray for 1.00, sweet pea lotion for .10, winter gloves that are so so so soft for .10 and an Italian phrase book for free! I love yard sales!

In the garden, well away from the garden actually we found a rogue tomato plant with a big beautiful tomato on it ready to be picked and one right behind it! The bell peppers are still coming on strong and the green leaf lettuce and spinach too. The eggplant plant looks great and it has blooms but hasn’t provided for me for a little while now so patiently I wait.

In the studio…I finished my latest issue of The Zen Pen and hopefully I can do a mailing of it early next week. I’m about to start painting again and I can not wait!!

Yoga was pretty awesome this morning. Lots of Chaturanga push ups and a nice flow, I liked it! Hey, I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this sooner but here’s a link if you want to practice the yoga I did at sunrise this morning….power yoga flow she has a lot, A LOT, of yoga practices for free, you should check out the selection if you practice yoga, I know you’ll find something you love love love.

We’re trying to get Sky ready for a camping trip coming up soon and Rainy is in the process of moving in to her first place with her boyfriend which is exciting and tough since moving is never hardly ever easy but being that it’s the first on their own place ever it is so new and yeah, exciting.

It’s been a busy day but a day filled also with peace in spite of the busyness which is beautiful when you can find one with the other.

Okay, my friend, I’m going to paint for a while before evening yoga and dinner and stuff so have a good good good evening and try to stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN5119


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