Once Upon A Time On A Monday…

Once upon a time on a Monday…

a screen door slammed shut as mom yelled, “don’t let the door slam!”100_5572

a bird sat outside the window unnoticed because the person inside was distracted by the phone, computer, chores…DSCN4132

someone baked a pie to give to someone else for no reason whatsoever

Mmmm, gingerbread cake

someone landed in a yoga pose they had never been able to beforeDSCN4307

someone got good newsOnce Upon a Time Girl…Dancing Barefooted

someone found peacecropped-third-eye-open.jpeg

someone found loveGive Me a Peaceful Summer pc6

someone found laughterDSCN4730

someone found a lost ring or bracelet or necklaceDSCN4339

someone became a mom or dad or grandma or grandpa img_0512

someone wrote a bestseller and doesn’t even know it yetDSCN4706

someone found their voiceDSCN4016

someone found a petDSCN4262

someone became the someone they were born to behippie chick on cloth peace flag

I hope your Monday is so awesome and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow my friend.

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4635


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