Monday Motivation


So many things to be motivated about this morning!

*Rainy days (like we’re having right now)100_5563

*Yoga (like i just practiced)DSCN4307

*Tasty breakfast (like I’ll soon be cooking, oven is preheating for biscuits)Pancakes!72

*Art (like I’ll be mailing out later today)DSCN4051

*Front porch sitting (which is always relaxing)

*Country gardens (tasty organic food)

garden mandala

*Cloth (like I’ll be painting on later)DSCN4620

*Sunrises (like the one I enjoyed while practicing yoga)thread sketch rising sun

*Sunsets (like the one I’ll hopefully take time to enjoy this evening perhaps during evening yoga)DSCN4266

*Big hugs (like the ones you can give and receive…sharing is caring šŸ˜€ )DSCN3948

*Coffee!! (enough said)dscn3659

Have a beautiful Monday my friend. Time is fleeting live each moment. Make them count, ’cause they do. And try to meet me back here tomorrow!!

Big hugs and

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4635


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