(My) Stuff To Do On Sunday


Biorhythms are on the upswing again I’m happy to report. dscn3888

Instead of a Stuff To Do On Sunday list I’m gonna share with you my Sunday list…


*yummy breakfast…egg white omelet with spinach and hot peppers with a bowl of cold cereal and of course, coffeeJava Flag Art

*we went to the flea market to get our walk in and came home with a ring and two necklaces for a dollar, one of the necklaces is for meditation, it’s jade with the infinity symbol in it and I love love love it!DSCN4283

Back home….

*picked tomatoes, juicy red hot from the vine tomatoes!! oh my gosh, so good! also picked eggplant, peppers, and cantaloup…a good harvest!

*trimmed the ends of my hairdscn3918

*binge watching The Alfred Hitchcock Hour marathon on the Decades channel (antennae tv, ’cause that’s how we roll)DSCN4016

And later….

*packaging sold artDSCN4051

*tasty food! grilling hotdogs with all the fixin’s and chips for the family and eggplant and salad for me

*more AlfredDSCN4132

*vacuuming the pool and soaking up the sun beforeDSCN4273

*evening yoga probably an 80 minute slow flow practice for lots of asanasDSCN4159



*Big Brother, I know, I know, but I like itDSCN4183

***little random life things squeezed in between, things that make life comfy and cozy and homey and barefoot and simpleapple pie front porch

I hope your day is beautiful and simple and filled with peace and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow! img_0512

Much Peace Love Art~cropped-peace-on-muslin.jpeg


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