Biorhythms and Saturday


I’m continuing to manifest. Working on the dream, you know? Today feels a little harder but I think maybe it is on the harder days that the most work can be done. By work I mean maintaining peace and calmness interweaving a positive attitude and just staying in the moment.

Some days, like this one, I am in so much freaking flux man. I just don’t know what I want to work on. These are the down times, the low energy, lower frequency times that I don’t like and need to find a way to nurture the body, mind and spirit during so I don’t view these times as a loss or a stressful time or an indecisive Charlie Brown kind of time.

I think its all part of the biorhythms if I remember correctly from a course I took a while back, well started taking but we were working on that deck at the time and I had to drop the course but from what I can remember everybody has a rhythm and if you chart it you’ll find you work upward to a peak where you plateau before starting to descend and where you reach the bottom and begin climbing again.

We were to track our moods, diets, activities and sleep patterns for like two months to find the rhythms. I think I may try that little exercise again. I think it would be interesting.

Maybe on these days I’ll loose myself in a huge mandala drawing. Mandalas are so therapeutic for me and when I’m working on one I can completely shut out the entire world. I mean a parade could come marching through and I wouldn’t notice. So, yes, lower vibe days will be days I Mandala myself.

I hope your vibration is high and your day beautiful and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art~Summer Sun Mandala72


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