Free Verse Hippie Poetry, Let The Sun and Moon Play


Blue Moons

Glitter Stars

Love finds you where you are.

Golden rays

Sunshine days


in the afternoon.

Hammock sways

music plays

a favorite tune.

Sky above

earth below

something cold in a red solo.

These are the days of summer

of peace and love and calmer

seas just ahead

in a book yet to be read

not yet written

words not yet thought

or even spoken.

Just a vibe

a mood

an energy

a moment for you and a moment for me.

In a blink

a wink

a twinkle of the eye

magic in the sky

the moon will pass by

blowing kisses to the sun

on the run

away day


with me in a hammock

tied between two palm trees

let’s sway

and let the sun and moon play.

Straight off the top of my hippie head inspired by the the art I made which is listed in my etsy shop for 10.00 Sun and Moon Energy ArtGallant Moon Peace Flag if you are interested. I love this poem! I hope you dig the free verse.  I wanted to try to publish these little hippie free verses but I can’t since I post them here but I can publish them myself and I just might work on that. What do you think?

I hope your day is so beautiful man and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow. Yard sale day who knows the treasures to be found!

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4648



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