Laws Of Attraction, Holy Cow!


This morning during meditation I knew that I wanted to commit myself to helping people find peace, understanding, and give them hope. I want to be a beacon of light like a lighthouse for folks who think there’s no way but there is. There must be. There has to be.

The only way I can help is with my art and my words and this healing energy thing I seemed to be born with that I am now studying to understand better. I just want to help.

I woke myself up this morning after I drifted into Sleepy Land for an hour or so (I’ve had insomnia for weeks, but I’m okay with that since sometimes you see things more clear in the dark), anyway I talk in my sleep, this morning I woke up saying out loud now…I just want to help people feel better. I was saying it like a mantra. It was a beautiful moment.

I’m manifesting man, like crazy manifesting with so much positive energy and love behind it and it is feeling freaking amazing! Today I sold like eleven pieces of art!!! A living breathing earth angel bought them and I am so so so grateful. Then at Walmart I needed some muslin but the price wouldn’t come up so I got it all for a dollar!! And I found the perfect paint marker for a new BIG peace sunshine I’m working on and yesterday I sold another solar eclipse piece. Laws of attraction? I think so.

Okay my friends, I’m starving, Jeopardy is on and I need coffee so I’m gonna bounce. Have a beautiful evening and let me know if you want to manifest anything together. I’m here for you. Meet me back here tomorrow if you can.

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4307


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  1. I love the positive energy coming through in this post. I really respect the mantra you live by. making people feel better is so incredibly rewarding

    1. dawn says:

      Thank you so much new friend. And welcome to my little world. I hope you feel free to connect and share and dance barefooted with me. Big hugs 😀

  2. Love hearing manifesting stories! Thank you for sharing xxz

    1. dawn says:

      THanks for commenting!! I am more than happy to share the positive energy 😀 Big hugs new friend.

      1. Bless you! Thank you Dawn… looking forward reading more from you. Big hugs right back at ya my friend xxx

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