My Motivation For Monday


Usually my Monday post is a list of motivators but sitting here in the mid-morning sun with the light dancing with the shadows I can hardly contain the emotions. This moment is motivation for Monday and probably the whole week.

I noticed over the weekend the shadows had shifted. The light was just a touch different. But the energy has definitely shifted.

So let today’s motivation be personal my friend. Let’s manifest some good stuff together. Today get motivated about something that stirs your soul. Something that lifts your heart, something you think is out of reach but you really really really want.

You know I got another boogie board over the weekend, I’m working toward my surfboard. I think my dream job would be painting my crazy art on surfboards. But here’s the thing, while a long time ago I lived at the beach, sadly, now I do not and actually I’ve been torn between the beach and the mountains but I am so so so certain that the sea is the place for me,  I’m a Pieces after all.

What I lack is money and financial security and I feel that there’s so much more opportunity for me at a beach so I’m manifesting man. Here’s my Monday Motivation, my visualization…I’m manifesting…

a small fishing village where I can ride my bike that will have three wheels, a basket and a bell, to the village where I can pick up items I need, visit the library, go to the post office and whatnot…

a village where my art sales in shops and a gallery reps me again

I live on a waterway where boats are docked and I can see them from the windows of my little cottage that has a picket fence with wildflowers growing up and around and there’s a small veggie patch off to the side and back.

I can hear bouy bells and watch the fog roll in sometimes.

I make my energy art in the upstairs where the view is awesome and vibe is creative. Sparky has a workshop in the backyard making art from driftwood. Sky surfs and works and grows from hippie teenager to hippie surfer dude who makes a living doing something he loves. Rainy will visit a lot!

Our home is our haven where we plant peace and grow love and go barefooted and spin vinyl and eat tasty food. Like the way we live now only enhanced and by the water we will live happily ever after and I can practice yoga watching the sun rise and practice yoga again as it sets with so much peace love and art in between.

Please feel free to share your motivation with me, I would love love love to manifest with you.

Try to stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4283


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