Ducks, Deer and Boogie Boards…Saturday


Sold! DSCN4648I sold a solar eclipse energy flag in my new etsy shop MyCherokeeDawn!! It’s my first sale in the new etsy shop!! I’m happy happy happy!

This morning we went out to yard sales and along the way, right off the bat, we saw three white ducks walking in a line…so CUTE! At the end of the road there were two young deer, a buck and a doe, so BEAUTIFUL! It was magic!

At yard sales I found a boogie board so I’m getting closer to my surfboard and I found some colorful beads for my dreamcatchers. I spent a grand total of 1.50.

Let’s see, also today I have…

cleaned the bathroom

took a shower

fed the furry friends

started laundry

practiced yoga for an hour

went to yard sales

made breakfast

did dishes

worked on my studio

made lunch

dishes again

folded and put away laundry

straightened up the living room

finished my studio

drank coffee and now here I am about to work on some art until evening yoga and dinner and dishes and Candy Crush while watching tv.

I hope your Saturday has been so great and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4339


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