Guess what I did yesterday.

I signed up for a course on living mindfully. It covers…

 Mindfulness Meditation
Mindfulness and Happiness
Mindful Eating
Mindful Movement: Walking, Yoga, Tai Chi, And Qigong
Mindful Relationships

It’s a six week class and after that one I may take a course in energy medicine. Not that I intend to practice it but I’m so so so interested in sound therapy and energy fields. I’ve practiced energy healing on my broken toes and it was awesome. The energy medicine course also covers reflexology and meditation and Reiki and Qigong. I think it’ll be interesting.

I also began editing my poetry book. I picked out ten of my free verse hippie poems that I’ll put some groovy energy art with and somewhere down the line it will become a book.

Yesterday while looking through my blog for the poems I spread out my yoga mat on the studio floor, put on songs of 1976 on Pandora (so I wouldn’t have to get up to flip an album, but you know know know I prefer vinyl any day). My ceiling fan was on so the air was gently stirring, I had a cold coffee within reach, incense burning and spread out prone on the yoga mat with my tablet and began to read within an hour I had ten free verses picked out so I did the only thing I could. I rolled onto my side and took a ten minute power nap. I did. Right there on the yoga mat on the studio floor under the ceiling fan in the middle of the day and it was glorious.

Today is the day before my daughter was born. 23 years ago today I got up ate a bowl of honey cheerios with butter toast, worked on my jigsaw puzzle and read a Stephen King novel, Needful Things. This was the day before my life would change for the better forever. My daughter would be born the next day (10 days late and good thing since she was only 5lbs 4oz). I was too dumb to know I was in labor this evening. I thought I might be but I wasn’t sure like I was with Sky who would arrive six years later. I just chilled until my doctor’s appointment at 8:30 on the 26th when he sent me to the hospital where she was born at 7:26pm. Today she is beach bound with her boyfriend and I’m on Zoey (chihuahua) duty for two days. I hope they have a blast and live wild and free and young and make so many memories!! I hope they get into a little trouble because what’s a beach trip without a little shenanigans?

Okay my friend, Sparky is up and Molly is too and wanting out, Leo’s been out since I got up at 5 to clean the bathroom, litter box, shower, do laundry, feed strays and practice yoga. Now my coffee is calling and the oven is preheated for his breakfast biscuits so I’m gonna bounce. I need to work on my book today and another dreamcatcher and holy cow! So many awesome things!

Meet me back here tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4307


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