Motivation For Monday…


Good morning beautiful people! I hope your weekend was awesome and this week even better and this day  going your way but if you are feeling a little sluggish this Monday here’s a little list of things to maybe, hopefully, possibly perk us up…

porch swings

apples in a basketapple pie front porch

corn fields that will become fall corn mazes

a nice summer breeze

riversRemember The Rope Swing

sunsetsthread sketch rising sun

fresh coffee

homemade bread or cookies or pie


finding something you lost but didn’t know you had lost until you found it again

Fleetwood Mac songs

turquoise rings

hoot owlsDSCN4156

air conditioning

a new yoga mat

blue skies with fluffy white clouds

coo coo clocks

your favorite movie you’ve seen a thousand times and will watch a thousand times more

a big hippie hug (they’re filled with peace love and happiness)

A Girl & Her Cat
A Girl & Her Cat

old cartoons (YouTube has some)

burning sage

I hope my little list helps and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow!

Much Peace Love Art~camping vw style


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