Dogs Cats Birds and Me

Today I’m wondering about life and choices and where the fork in the road meets again if it ever does. Sometimes we think we’re on the right track, we know what we’re doing and five minutes later the road map is blown out the window leaving one with an odd feeling of what now? Where now? And how? And one of my favorites, what was I thinking again? 

I am thinking, hoping actually, that it is in those moments of quiet, non-panicked contemplation that realizations occur.

I love those quiet moments like when on the verge of a brand new day and the ground is still covered in dew sparkling like glitter. Everything is so fresh and just awakening from a slumber.

The dogs run, the birds sing, the cat, the cat stretches arching it’s back before curling up again as it’s a cat’s world and we just live in it, you know, to refill the food and water bowls. Their biggest contemplation is where to nap that day, the window seat or on a high shelf or somewhere new.

Dogs know how to live man. They live out loud and wide ass open and with so much enthusiasm. They express every emotion they have as they have it and move on to the next thing. They care about life,  I think, I see them noses in the air curious about this smell or that sound, but I’m not sure that they contemplate too much. I think dogs are like wise yogis on too much coffee (if there is such a thing as too much coffee and personally I don’t think there is), they just live this moment and next and the next.

I think birds rarely take time to relax. They are always foraging, always planning ahead. Yes, we do see them sitting on branches or lines or fences but I think they are just checking off a to do list. I think they stay too busy to wonder about things and contemplate life.

I doubt much of this makes sense but at least it is out of my head and now I can move on to the next thing like the dogs DSC_0120but not take a nap like the cat DSC_0102because I have a to do list like the birds. 100_1876

I hope Saturday is great to you and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4053


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