Making Art Where You Can


It’s beautiful outside. It is gray and overcast and perfect for coffee and art but today I will spend outside. Wayne (Sparky) is wiring lights for the never ending stinking deck job and will have to be under the deck in dark cramped spaces which he so doesn’t do well in so I’ll be there to feed the lights through and whatever else but mainly for moral support and to possibly call 911, joking, kind of.

On a positive note I’m taking art supplies so I can work on a new peace flag and maybe a zine. I’m taking a book to read for fun and a book on turning a profit with your passion, mine being art. I’ve got my index cards in case a poem hits me and my phone which I’m still getting use to but hating less and less.

I’ve packed a lunch of cucumber slices to go with my lettuce and hot pepper sandwich that’s smothered in mustard and Sriracha sauce. And a chicken fried steak sandwich for Sparky with cheese and crackers and of course a lot of cold coffee for me and juice for him.

We’re off so wish us luck!!

Meet me here tomorrow!

Much Peace Love ARt~thread sketch rising sun


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