The Time Just Before


I thought my ankle had that it’s going to rain feeling just before I started to make a late lunch since we had a late breakfast but I just blew it off. As we finished eating the thunder began to roll. So far it hasn’t rained. It’s one of my most favorite times. The time just before rain. Where the sky looks like dusk but it is just the middle of the day and the air feels exciting you know? Like anticipating something, in this case a gloriously refreshing rain. A shower for the garden and for the flowers and later little puddles for bird baths. Everything will be washed clean and clear and new sparkling like diamonds or fairy dust.

There’s a hummingbird having a little snack just in case it does rain but the stray cats are still chilling lazily on the front porch in whatever cool shady spots they can find.

My own cat, Piper, is pretty much in the same spot for three days now. Her new favorite spot is on the table at the front windows, the one I cut my fabrics on. I think she gets a nice breeze from the air vent there. Before claiming this spot as her own she was staying under the shelf on top of the albums (which are all in their sleeves and in the right covers and get this….alphabetical order!!). She chilled there for around 3 or 4 days and before that it was the kitchen sink! Gotta love cats!

I listed new art in my etsy shops, both of them! Dreamcatchers!! I love love love them! I make them quite organically. I let them just flow and become what they are going to be and when the last bead is attached and the last fiber woven I have a work of positive energy art chock full of peace love and happiness. If you want to take a look here’s link…MyCherokeeDawn and DawnCollinsArt

Right now I have two paintings I want to work on, an idea for a zine and a new mandala/dreamcatcher to make and later more yoga and dinner and a movie so have a beautiful evening and try to stop by again tomorrow!

Peace Love Art~DSCN4184


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