Gypsy Souls


When I was little my mom and dad were divorced. We moved back into my mom’s family home with her brother and parents, my Nona and Paw-Paw. We shared the bedroom that had once been hers only.

The room she grew into the gypsy she would be, the room she daydreamed in, played her records in, wrote in her diary in. The room she left behind when she got married, probably too young, and the room she came back to with me in tow.

The room was huge with big windows that let in so much light and summer breezes (no air conditioning) and high ceilings that made it feel like a mansion to little me, but it was just a home, a home my Paw-Paw designed and built for his family before I was even thought about.

The bedroom we shared was at the back of the house at the end of the long dark hall that split off to the right and left with the only bathroom straight ahead. Our bedroom was on the right. Her brother’s room, was on the left and smaller. Nona and Paw-Paw’s room was at the front of the house that seemed to sprawl and spread out.

I remember her sitting on the floor of our room, playing records and making mosaic coasters. I thought those little glass squares were the coolest things I had ever seen. I remember her face too as she listened to those songs. So daydreamy and wistful. A look that I would come to know and recognize as a sign we were moving…again. It’s a gypsy’s life to keep moving and she couldn’t help it, I really don’t think she could or can help it. I think she was born with a gypsy soul.

She’s one of those people who don’t always seem of this world, you know? Like someone who knows the secret of life but isn’t telling or maybe always searching for it (the answer) and that’s why they keep moving. Like the breeze or sea tide or migrating birds it just is what it is.

Today is her birthday. She’s 71, looks 51 and acts 31 and you know what? I just saw her and she has that look on her face…again.

We had better get ready, I think she’s about to shake the snow globe of life…again. Lol.

I guess today’s message is a memory and a reminder my friend, to not let anything stop us, not preconceived notions, not age, not location, not tradition, not finances, not anything, Anything, ANYTHING, stop us from shaking our snow globes, from living a life we feel like we’re living and not simply existing in. To find what works for us and recognize what doesn’t. To take time to sit on the floor listening to music looking dreamy and wistful and dreaming the daydreams that manifest and grow and sprout like seeds to something tangible and real.

I hope you spend my gypsy mom’s birthday well and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art~            101_7374


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