Stuff To Do On Sunday

How about doing something drastic, possibly life changing and probably out of the norm in today’s world…

turn off the stupid cell phones and talk live and in person and

if you want to see someone go see them don’t track them with an app

Artsy Girls Postcards...peace sisters
Peace Sisters

pretend its the 1970s and go out meet up and hang by the dam listen to a radio RADIO

Dances To The Beat of Her Own Tambourine
She Dances To The Beat Of Her Own Tambourine

pack a picnic and go hiking or biking or just chilling under a treeDSCN3006

read, write or just daydreamDSCN3573

live in the moment of now not laterDSCN4051.JPG

buy some gum and blow bubbles or

blow soap bubbles just get carried away on the magic of themgirl who sailed on dreams

inhale and exhale on purposeCalm Girl 1

make a list of things you like in your life and

make a list of things you don’t like in your life and see what you can do about thatBe The Peace

Whatever you do do it with your whole heart and soul man, make it count ’cause it does. I hope you love today and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow my friend.

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4053


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