Independence Day In The Country


All is still calm and quiet here this morning although fireworks were in full effect last night and making the dogs nervous but its rained and washed away the night and here we are on the brink of a brand new day.thread sketch rising sun

I’ve just practiced yoga DSCN4222and soon I’ll make breakfast and the festivities will begin. The festivities  being music and pool and simple living. It is calling for rain though in which case festivities will be an Independence Day movie marathon. It is always good to have a back up plan.

I have an idea for a dreamcatcher that I will simply have to start on while it’s so fresh in my hippie head. Is there time before breakfast? I don’t knowDSCN4339.JPG

I picture Independence Day, the fourth of July,  here in the southeast like this…

I see pitchers of lemonade,

Lemonade With Monet
Lemonade With Monet

freshly squeezed of course and never from a concentrate or sweet tea in mason jars DSCN1956 I picture impromptu baseball games and laughing children blowing soap bubbles with wands and barking dogs chasing the bubbles.

I see flowers in bloom DSCN4353and ladies sitting on the front porch fanning themselves as sprinklers spray cool water on front lawn splashers.

I see charcoal grills with smoke curling like a chimney as burgers and hotdogs drift an enticing aroma into the thick hot summer air as men in plaid Bermuda shorts, spatulas in hand man the grill with pride…me man, me cook meat over fire…lol.

Bellies satisfied until someone breaks out the ice cream maker and then a whole new excited and expectation begins. apple pie front porch

Folks gather on lawns in Adirondack chairs and patchwork quilts and front porch swings or rockers, gossiping about who drank what and who saw who talking to who at the market and blah blah blah. Give Me a Peaceful Summer pc6

The sun sets and the activity begins to lull and a hush falls over the scene. Until the fire works begin and older children join in with sparklers dancing across the night like fireflies. A light show that kids love and dogs hate and cats couldn’t care less either way.

The day will draw to a close with the conclusion of the fireworks that will continue to explode into the air for another 45 minutes or so as stragglers refuse to give in and go in to the normal routine of the upcoming Wednesday. DSCN2248

Memories made, beer drank, meat grilled, music played and a day well lived for the most part.

Fourth of July Peace Flag

I hope it is a great one for us all and if you’re not in the US then have a toast on us anyway. Play your favorite music and celebrate life. Stay safe and try to stop by again tomorrow!

Much Peace Love Art~cropped-dscn27311.jpg


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