Motivation For Monday


In case you need it but I hope you don’t.  I hope you have woke up on Monday morning feeling great and ready for a brand new week of possibilities but just in case you need a little motivation, a few things to feel good about here’s a short list…

  • beach houses in all those beautiful sea colorsDSCN0209
  • glassy lakesHippie Puffer Fish by Dawn Collins
  • skipping pebbles across smooth water
  • sea glass
  • sea shells
  • puka shell necklaces
  • old Panama Jack images
  • suntan lotion that smells like coconuts and dreams
  • big shade treesDSCN3978
  • wildflowersDSCN4353
  • footprints in the sandDSCN4266
  • hummingbirds
  • apple trees
  • blueberries
  • sunflower seedsDSCN0460
  • planting pumpkins
  • rain after a hot day especially on a tin roof (rusted or not)

I hope this helps some and I hope we can meet here tomorrow before the festivities of the fourth of July begin.

Much Peace Love Art~cropped-cropped-dscn1766.jpg


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