gardening is best done barefooted as most things are

Perhaps I exaggerate and perhaps not. Let’s see I began at what was it? Between 1 and 1:30? It is just shy of 4pm now. So ok, I did exaggerate. But it feels like five hours that I’ve been working on my studio because it hit me this afternoon that I could free up another work space and maybe make a little more space in the meantime so I did. I’m glad I did although it was time I could have been painting or weaving a dreamcatcher.

It’s all good though. I made bread in the process and worked in the garden for a while too. Picked some juicy tomatoes and tasty zucchini and some more crisp cucumbers too.

Now its raining. A glorious refreshing rain after a super hot afternoon. It’s like the earth gets to take a nice cool shower. I bet the birds will love the puddles. I know I do. Ok, confession, I still splash. I do. I love splashing in puddles. I’m a mess.

As a matter of fact, Sparky was cleaning out some files earlier and found some pictures of me at two. I was so funny. Nothing but a diaper and a big smile outside at our country home. My hair was a mess curly and wild and I was the epitome of free. He laughed saying I was a small big mess and not much has changed lol. It is true. I am almost always a mess. My fingers and hands are paint stained, my feet dirty from the garden at the end of the day because I think gardening is best done barefooted as most things are. My hair is long, graying, and wild and without any sense of style just waves and curls and tangles lol. All my clothes are paint or ink stained and I’m okay with all that.

Speaking of clothes. Today at a one of the three yard sales we found they said to fill a bag of clothes for a dollar! So we did. When we got home I unpacked my bag containing three summer dresses, mandala design capri pants, pj pants with lips on them super thin and great for summer, and a super cool crochet top that will need a little repair work before autumn but I think I can handle it. Anyway, one of the dresses…was a Vera Wang. Now I’m not a label snob like at all but oh…my…gosh…in my dollar bag of clothes was a Vera Wang dress and it so cool for summer! One dollar! Filled the bag!

Ok, my friend. I’m gonna bounce. So far, I have cleaned the bathroom, did the laundry, cooked, washed dishes, made bread, worked in the garden, arranged and rearranged and rearranged part of the studio and now, well, now, I think I’ll find some art to play with.

Have a beautiful Saturday and try to stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4266


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