Motivation Monday

Instead of my usual list of things to feel good about on a Monday, let’s consider for a moment our possible discontent and preconceived notions of Monday and how we can live a life that makes Mondays just as great as Fridays.

Are there any small changes we can make to do this? Even the tiniest of tiny? If so, then let’s do that.

Can we listen to that song that brings to us the feeling of peace and possibility. That makes us feel we can kick an obstacles butt and  move forward. That builds us up so high we have to look down to see the stars?

Can we find a smile for someone on Monday? A hug? A courtesy move in traffic? Something that shows humanity in the chaos of humanity? We’ll feel so much better if we do.

Can we show compassion to a furry friend? Can we stop to look at the sunflowers? Really look. It’s a living breathing thing of beauty here today and gone way too soon like life.

Can we make a plan for our life like a little road map to help guide us to our best possible future? I’m going to try. I’m going to try all of these today and I hope you will too my friend and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN4353

Ok, so I still feel the urge for a little feel good list so….

whitewashed picket fences

fresh green beans from the garden

homemade soup


picking peaches from the tree

rising bread

rising sun




the scent of suntan lotion


vintage bicycles with bells and baskets


fresh berries

I could keep going but I need coffee (something else to fee motivated about!).





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